We don't charge a broker fee!
Saving you up to £995*

Read more below to find out why some brokers may charge you a fee (and how you can save up to £995)

*Based on the maximum broker fee we could choose to charge being £995

Broker Fees Broken Down

Whether you’re buying a home as a first-time buyermoving house, or considering remortgaging to get a better rate or release capital, choosing the right mortgage facilitator is crucial.

Clients often face the dilemma of selecting between their bank or opting for a mortgage broker to explore the entire market for the best deal.

While some people choose to pay a broker fee for the convenience of market-wide searches, it’s essential to note that these fees can range from £199, £295, £495 even up to £2,000! The idea that all brokers charge fees is a misconception that might discourage potential clients from seeking professional assistance.

Why do some brokers charge a fee?

Many brokers charge a fee for their services as they offer a professional service, similar to that of a solicitor.

However, the difference is brokers are not working for free as they receive a procuration fee (commission) from the chosen lender.

Our Approach...

At The Mortgage Village, we prioritise transparency and client satisfaction. We don't charge a broker fee for our comprehensive whole-of-market service, as we receive a procuration fee from the lender. Our commitment to providing fee-free services aims to build a broader client portfolio through referrals.

If you’re looking for a mortgage, we believe we can help you find the perfect solution. At The Mortgage Village, we offer a comprehensive whole-of-market service without charging a broker fee. This means that you can explore hundreds of products from various lenders, instead of being restricted to just a few options from your bank or building society.

We understand that finding the right mortgage is crucial, which is why we prioritise transparency and client satisfaction. So, if you’re looking for a professional service that won’t cost you a fee, we’d love to discuss your mortgage needs with you.

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